Black Iron Clothing


We are Swedish jeans enthusiasts who got tired of that it was very hard to be unique in the jeans industry. Sure, there are small editions from some brands. But there are usually 1,000pcs or more, and they are expensive!

We decided to do really, we mean REALLY good jeans in a very small edition at really good prices. Jeans that most people can afford and which will be your favorite jeans for many years to come.

It's almost like a love story...

In early 2013 we began to look for the best denim fabric we could find.

We knew it would be raw and selvage. After many samples that we were not happy with, we finally found the right fabric!

We started looking for a factory that could make it happen for us, it was not that easy. There's a reason that other editions are so large. There are very few who are willing to make as little as a total of 100 jeans. There will not be many in each size. But we finally found one!

The factory took out samples of copper buttons that we knew we wanted. Finally we found ones that felt right, Real Black Iron Clothing buttons!

After more than a hundred emails with the factory were we discussed everything from the design of our hang tags to the width on different parts of the leg our jeans now underway. 

They arrived in mid-August.

...and we are very proud.




Denimology about the brand: